Grow An Orange Or Lime Plant

Whenever you see an orange or lime tree that is laiden with ripening fruit, you can be sure that this symbolizes the arrival of good fortune and prosperity. These plants are usually displayed at the front door entrance to a Chinese home or office building. this is especially true during the 15 days of the Lunar New Year (this occurs somewhere between the end of January and the middle of February as it changes each year based upon a set of precise calculations) to signify a prosperous start to the year.

The connotation of bright red oranges signifies gold. this is because the Chinese word for oranges, kum, also means gold. It is precisely for this reason that it is considered extremely good luck to have plenty of oranges around throughout the New Year. It is even better if you you have a fruiting orange plant.

Should you decide to grow an orange plant in your garden then make sure that it is planted in the South-East corner of your home. This is the area that symbolizes wealth and having a healthy fruiting orange tree in that area is very auspicious. Do not worry if this corner happens to be your total loss direction and location. Instead, remember that whenever you energize or activate a corner in order to create the luck which that direction symbolizes then you are bringing that particular good fortune to all residents of your home. This is true just as long as all of the different methods of Feng Shui compliment one another. For this reason, if you utilize the orange or lime cure then you should not have your bedroom in the South-East nor should you sit facing that area. Whenever cures seem to contradict each other stop and take some time to think through the problem at hand. Usually you will discover that the solution is not very difficult.

If you truly have a green thumb for gardening then you may wish to know that almost every blooming, robust plant will bring good fortune into your home. Nevertheless, Chrysanthemums, Bamboo, Orchids, and Plum blossoms are especially auspicious.

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